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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Project

Now that most of my school work is done, I am trying to come up with ideas for a few new projects. So far I have come up with two that I am really interested in taking a further look at; one is strictly art and concept related while the other uses basic photography for the benefit of Heartt Animal Refuge in Sharonville, OH. Let me explain.

The first one is something I have wanted to do for a while but haven't found time to even begin yet. It also involves a LOT of time spent folding hundreds of paper cranes. Basically, I want to expand on the idea of peace, justice, and some of the thing I have been dealing with in life lately. More on the development of the ideas behind it will come later, but for now this is all I feel like typing out... The basic concept is to have one black bird cage with a lot of black paper cranes flying out of it. But the thing that makes it interesting will be the message given by the solitary white paper dove sitting in the center of the cage. And before I go too far in confusing anyone, here is a simplistic shot of what I am going for (gotta love Google):

The second idea is more related to the overall benefit of the Heartt Animal Shelter in Sharonville, OH. This non-kill shelter is home to about 25 dogs and almost 300 cats that range in age and health. Because it is a no-kill shelter, there are some cats with a variety of health problems ranging from weak hearts to complete blindness. What is even more amazing is the lady who owns and runs the animal shelter: Sylvia. Somehow she knows the names and story of every single little creature in the shelter and spends time with them every day. After volunteering at the shelter, I have been so moved by her cause and the sweet personalities of the cats and dogs that I want to start a photo gallery of all the animals in the shelter. Though there are over 300 animals in the shelter total, I would like to capture photos of all or most of them, as well as their names and mini biographies, that Sylvia and others can use on their website, fliers, and other places to promote the shelter and the animals themselves. It will take a lot of work, but this is something I really want to do. Now all I need to do is talk to Sylvia and see if she is interested in this. Hopefully she is and I can help out. Until then, here is a link to their website so you can check it out: http://www.hearttanimalrefuge.org/

I know I said that there were only 2 ideas I had at the moment, but there are so many ideas swirling around in my head at the moment that that statement may have been a bit of a fib. If I have time I will come back and expand on them later, but for now I need to go work on some stuff for school. Story of my life right there...